Piso Certification

Piso-Certification of an integrated management system for small and medium size enterprises as well as big companies, instutitions and land users as an acknowledgement for continuous improvement processes. It fosters a combined scheme of environmental, quality, energy, hygien, occupational health and safety management systems/techniques. Piso certification scheme is scaled in three levels. ISO level is for big and medium size companies, and class 1 and 2 is for small and medium size enterprises. When an enterprise starts documenting all its managed processes following the Piso certification requirements, it is certified with Piso certification class 2  and as the company is improving to meet some compliance targets, it is certified with Piso certification class 1. When the integrated management system is completely built to meet up with international standards, it is certified with Piso Certification ISO level. However, an entreprise can be assessed and certified with the appropriate level based on the development of its integrated management system. The documentations for the Piso Certification ISO level can be used as internal audits for certification of the single international standard management systems in consideration. The different levels are attached to give an overview of the Piso integrated management system:

ISO Level

Class 1

Class 2

Application Form



  • Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information
  • We will provide you with our application form, price list and other necessary documents (the application fee is 200 to 500 Euro depending on the region and size of the institution).
  • After receiving the complete application, a registration form containing the requirements for the interested sector, level and standards for the certification is sent to you.
  • We examined your registration form, established the cost of the certification according to the price list and determined the require documents, which you will be informed about them
  • After receiving the complete registration, required documents and the cost of the certification, we evaluate them, which it will take a maximum of one month
  • Then we make an appointment for the assessment of your enterprise/company after discussing the audit plan with you
  • The decision of certification or improvement or rejection is then established
  • For rejection, re-application is only accepted once without additional payments (only fee for improvement is charged)
  • The accreditation is renewable yearly